Vicky Countess

you are not too busy

You set out a plan – whether it is to cut down on desserts, nighttime snacking, or another variation – in the hopes of losing weight.

And/or you decide to really start doing exercise every morning.

Wahoo – you have a plan!

And then life happens, and that moment comes when your plan gets pushed to the wayside.

And it will happen.

The rolodex of excuses looms large in your mind:

  • I’m too busy
  • I’m too tired
  • This is too hard
  • This will never work
  • I’ve never have been able to do it before

And then you quit.

You don’t lose the weight or get into exercise at all.

And how will you feel then?

Probably not so good.

And most importantly, what will NOT taking action cost you?

Working with me, we figure out the right strategies to be successful, learn tools to get you over the hump when those sneaky quitting thoughts creep in, learn to be consistent (not perfect, because who is?), and have accountability until you do reach your goal.

Right now there are 2 ways to work with me:

In a group setting starting September 9th for 30 days for just $30.

    • Here we will pick 1 habit that will be impactful and easy for you do with accountability.
    • Here you will learn different effective tools to use in the challenge and beyond.
    • Sign up at:


One on one coaching where it is all about you!

    • You recognize and admit that you need some personalized direction, clarity, and accountability to get you to your goal.

In either case, get on my calendar for a complimentary session to get more details and move forward on making a positive difference in your life.