Meet Vicky

I have a passion for helping women just like you because I’ve been there!

I’ve spent most of my life concerned about my weight and not exercising.

I went to Weight Watchers at age 15 years old.

I used to call myself, “a fat blob.”

As I entered midlife, I developed a passion for health and fitness

I lost the weight.

I started exercising.

Now . . .                                                  Hear my story on Jill Wright’s podcast

I no longer struggle with diets or stress about food. I have maintained my appropriate body weight for years.

Motivated by a diagnosis of osteoporosis over 15 years ago, exercise is an integral part of my life.

I became an avid walker and started my running career in my 50s –it’s never too late!  I have now run over 75 races that include over a dozen half marathons. I also have been an assistant Half Marathon coach for a local running group.

Strength training, swimming and meditation are also important elements in my self-care routine.

I’m on a mission to help women feel and live a healthier life.

I certified through The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, & SCW Fitness Education as a personal trainer and trained women for years.

Additionally, I certified with the National Posture Institute.

Significantly, I trained with the premier Life Coach School and hold my certification as a Life & Weight Coach. Understanding how our minds and thoughts directly affect how we feel and act in our lives has been a game changer.

I can help you live a more intentional life and feel better in your body and mind!

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