Vicky Countess

Vicky Countess

Are you thinking that it's too late to lose weight and get into shape after 50?

Well, it’s not.

I help women over 50 breakdown big health goals into small, simple and doable steps that work for YOUR lifestyle – no deprivation diets or dreaded exercises.

Together, we can make your best years ahead!

Helping you get to where you want to be is my passion.

Download my freebie Secret to Losing Weight Without Dieting” and get started today.

Stop overeating, lose weight and get healthy

Get moving and exercise to feel in shape

Does this sound familiar?

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It’s totally possible, even after 50, to:

pink arrow icon no bg  Feel beautiful and confident in your clothes.

pink arrow icon no bg  Lose weight and stop those yo-yo diets – adopt a new lifestyle that sticks.

pink arrow icon no bg  Start moving – whether it’s walking or even doing a 5K!

pink arrow icon no bg  Get stronger with weight or resistance training.

Health Habits Vicky Countess

I have a passion for helping women just like you because I’ve been there!

You are not alone in this - working with me gives you:

    Accountability to stay on track

    Unlimited Support

    Convenience of meeting on Zoom

    Simple and doable steps for YOUR goals

    Totally customized to YOUR life

All personalized for you and where you are.

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But don’t take my word for it!


“If you want some lifestyle changes, Vicky can really help. I came to coaching without direction, unable to complete tasks & procrastinating. One example is that I was floundering with my goal of creating a cookbook. I also lacked confidence in my abilities. 
After coaching with Vicky, I gained confidence in myself and learned about the importance of a plan, breaking down tasks and following through.
The completion of the cookbook is on track! I no longer label myself a procrastinator but know that I am very capable. I can get things done.

She is very good at what she does, and I highly recommend her.

– Mary R.

C. Clowers

“Before working with Vicky, I was struggling with not following through and feeling bad about it. Through coaching, I have a very different perspective and lots of tools that allow me to easily follow through. 
Healthy habits like drinking water and stretching are consistent and effortless parts of my life now. Moreover, I have a much better relationship with myself.
I highly recommend coaching with Vicky if you want a plan, tools, and support to get you to your goals!

– Cheryl C.


“Vicky gave me new perspectives and approaches to my daily life. She helped me with managing and prioritizing my daily tasks by providing me with useful tips. What I also appreciated with her coaching was we worked on my old habits of thinking, Changing my old beliefs about myself with Vicky’s help was the most powerful gift.

Vicky is upbeat and warm. Her advice and tips are grounded and therefore believable. This made me feel “Yeah I can do that” each time she gave me advice and suggestions.“

– Kayo T.