Vicky Countess

Self Care is not luxury

Is there always something that gets in the way of taking the very best care of you?

It could be you think that you are too busy with your kids, parents, business or even the laundry – everything seems to get in the way.

Or maybe you are telling yourself that it is selfish to spend any time, money, or energy on yourself.

Or maybe you are telling yourself it’s just not a priority now.

Especially because the Holidays are coming, and you will tell me that this is NOT the time to start to lose weight and get into shape.

To which I reply, if not now, then WHEN?

In fact, there is no better time than NOW.

Think about what will it cost you to keep on waiting to focus on YOU?

  • Getting deeper into the abyss of overeating and overindulging
  • Continuing to live that sedentary life
  • Continuing to feel guilty and ashamed that you aren’t taking any action
  • Putting off feeling better physically and mentally

You deserve to start taking care of yourself now!

I am passionate about helping my clients with their self-care, making it a priority, and getting results.

I help by providing do-able tools, ongoing support, and accountability.

If taking the very best care of yourself makes sense to you, get on my calendar for a complimentary session and let’s talk.