Old-new mindset

‘The Holidays” are upon us all with Thanksgiving just a week away.

For many this means Holiday Overeating.

And this is not just the one Thanksgiving meal I am talking about – but overindulging for weeks.

And with this overeating often comes the feelings of regret, shame and even disgust.

What if I told you that you can absolutely have a wonderful holiday season AND feel great afterwards?

Yes, it is possible!


And it all starts with being intentional with your thinking.

It begins with your new thinking and focus – the new way you want to approach your eating during the next weeks – not your old thinking and approach that might include:

Instead, here are just some sentences that you might want to regularly repeat (bonus points for writing it out to read and re-read):

By the way, here are some intentional and specific tips:

If you are wanting some help with making some new decisions about your holiday eating where you will have support, accountability and tons of tips and tools to make ALL THE DIFFERENCE, get on my calendar for a complimentary session and let’s talk!