How can you get 2 wins in 1?

weight scale

Many of my clients come to me for one reason: to lose weight.

And what generally happens through the coaching process is that they ALSO get a lot of Non-Scale Victories (or NSV’s).

These are things that happen along the way that aren’t measured by the number on the scale.

Sure, seeing the numbers on the scale going down is ah-mazing AND what you learn along the way is just as valuable.

In fact, it can be even more valuable!

It is learning skills, tools and habits that are beyond the obvious food related things.

These are skills, tools and habits that are outside the typical “diet” culture of restriction, deprivation, focusing on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and how you label yourself “good” or “bad” according to what you ate that day or the number on the scale.

Somehow, we think that beating ourselves up is productive and will “make you” stop all the future overeating.

If this is you, ask yourself, how has that been working for you lately?

Let me share just one of the skills that can help you move away from emotional overeating:

Learn to not beat yourself up

Try these steps the next time you want to run to food as your coping mechanism and then beat yourself up afterwards:

Step 1

  • Pause, get present and take a deep breath.

Step 2

  • Replace judgement with curiosity.
  • Shift the urge to beat yourself up and instead notice, with curiosity, what happened and why you made that choice.

Step 3

  • Think about WHY you want to reach your goal.
  • What are all the reasons and how will you feel when you get there?

Step 4

  • Come up with a plan – even if it’s one small thing – that you will do from now on to start taking you back on track.

Developing the skill to be present and intentional in your life is a powerful NSV (non-scale victory).

Try an experiment and see how these 4 steps can work for you.

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