New thinking for a new you

Old-new mindset

‘The Holidays” are upon us all with Thanksgiving just a week away. For many this means Holiday Overeating. And this is not just the one Thanksgiving meal I am talking about – but overindulging for weeks. And with this overeating often comes the feelings of regret, shame and even disgust. What if I told you that […]

Are you taking the best care of yourself?

Self Care is not luxury

Is there always something that gets in the way of taking the very best care of you? It could be you think that you are too busy with your kids, parents, business or even the laundry – everything seems to get in the way. Or maybe you are telling yourself that it is selfish to spend […]

What are your excuses?

you are not too busy

You set out a plan – whether it is to cut down on desserts, nighttime snacking, or another variation – in the hopes of losing weight. And/or you decide to really start doing exercise every morning. Wahoo – you have a plan! And then life happens, and that moment comes when your plan gets pushed to the […]

Questions to find your way out of a thought hurricane


The last week I have been in a thought hurricane. It is a term I coined for those times that I get fixated on a particular issue in my life. Of course, living in Florida it is a hurricane. Anyway, it’s where my thoughts are swirling around and around, seemingly uncontrollably, in my brain. And […]