Going back to the Gym?


Going back to the Gym? Recently, I was coaching someone who wanted to get back into the habit of going to the gym because she now started to feel “slovenly.” She wanted to feel better mentally and physically. And it’s no secret that regular exercise can do that for you. In her case, she fell […]

Are you taking the best care of yourself?

Self Care is not luxury

Are you taking the best care of yourself? Is there always something that gets in the way of taking the very best care of you? It could be you think that you are too busy with your kids, parents, business or even the laundry – everything seems to get in the way. Or maybe you are […]

What are your excuses?

you are not too busy

What are your excuses? You set out a plan – whether it is to cut down on desserts, nighttime snacking, or another variation – in the hopes of losing weight. And/or you decide to really start doing exercise every morning. Wahoo – you have a plan! And then life happens, and that moment comes when your plan […]

It’s not about the bikini

healthy food

It’s not about the bikini Are you realizing that you really need to get serious about losing weight? And we are not talking about losing weight to get into a bikini this summer. You are way beyond that! As you age, you really want to lose the extra lbs. to ensure that you stay vibrant and energetic, whether […]

What’s your priority?

sleeping kitten

What’s your priority? I was coaching a client this week about getting a “good night sleep” so that she would feel rested in the morning. After all, it’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep results in a better functioning next day. And did you know that it really makes a positive difference in […]



Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes “People change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad” – Author of Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg, Ph.D. Wonder why “motivating” yourself with shame doesn’t work? You know, beating yourself up after you eat way too much dinner and then snacking way into the night or sleeping in when you had told yourself you […]