Vicky Countess


There are so many things in life that are hard.

I hear this from my clients all the time.

I experience it in my life, too.

It can be anything from:

  • Doing all the things to lose weight
  • Doing all the things to find a better job
  • Doing all the things in your current job
  • Getting yourself into an exercise habit
  • Dealing with a “difficult” person in your life
  • Making that decision that you have been procrastinating about for way too long (and then actually following through with that decision)

And the list goes on.

Here is the one question that I use to help redirect the brain:

What if it was easy?

For bonus points – What if was easy AND fun?

Ah, now you start thinking about the other side of the situation.

Brainstorm new thoughts and shine a light on what would move you forward rather than being stuck in the cyclone of gloom.

If you are interested in working with me to get different results in your life and move past all the hard things, I invite you to a free 45 minute conversation.

Here we will talk about your goals and how life coaching can make it happen.