Vicky Countess

The Benefits of Coaching

How will you benefit from coaching?

You’ll benefit from coaching if…

  • You’re feeling stuck.
  • Your current lifestyle habits are not cutting it anymore.
  • You’re thinking that everything is downhill from here.
  • You know deep down there’s a better life for you. But…you’re not sure how to get started.

How We Work Together

Are you ready to commit to change in your life?  Then, let’s talk:

I offer one on one life and weight coaching for a personalized and effective outcome. The coaching is offered through Zoom, with or without video (up to you!), over the phone, or in person (if local).

Click here for a complimentary session.

Here’s What A Typical Coaching Session With Me Looks Like:

  • We meet on Zoom, with or without video (up to you!)
  • We start with a win you’ve created in the last week and talk about how you created it. and we celebrate it!
  • You tell me what you’d like coaching on. We can coach on anything you want!  Don’t have anything particular in mind?  Totally fine – I’ll help you out. 
  • I help you see what is holding you back from the results you want, exploring the obstacles and decide on out customized strategies. 
  • We work together to find ways to get the results you want.
  • I help you find ways to make your goals feel totally doable.
  • We weekly work on reaching your goals


  • You feel empowered.
  • You come away with takeaways to get you into gear.
  • You learn more about yourself
  • Have tools and strategies to move you forward

Let’s get started! 

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