red suv

I bought a red SUV recently and I had so much drama over the color.

Just ask my husband or friends and they will attest to the drama of me choosing a red vehicle.

And then once I drove that shiny red car off the lot, I noticed ALL the red vehicles on the road and in the parking lots.

SO many of them and so many red shades!

I later learned that there really IS a “red car syndrome”.

It’s also known as Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (or complex).

Basically, it is where your awareness of something increases.

Your brain focuses in, selectively, on that one thing.

Who knew? 🙂

And I see this (focusing in on one thing) happening with some of my clients.

Perhaps it happens to you, too.

Selectively focusing in on the negative and telling yourself repeatedly:

And the list goes on.

Are these thoughts useful and/or helpful?

Of course not.

Are there ways to turn these thoughts (and they are NOT facts) around?


What are your “red car” thoughts?

Are they serving you and moving you forward to your desired goals?

Or are they driving you into the gutter?

If you want help identifying your negative thoughts and support to give you a different perspective that will give you different results in your life, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me.